Neil Shewan 3.06.2014

Minimum Viable Marketing

Are you launching a product or service to an audience you’re 100% familiar with? Do you know how they will use it and have a complete understanding of what your competitors are doing? Not to mention, knowing how technology will impact it over the next few years.

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Neil Shewan 19.11.2013

Now is not the time for rest

I’m not saying cancel Christmas – but it is a good time to start planning out how to innovate your communications in the new year.

I’ve just come out of a planning workshop with a client and thought I would share a few thought starters.


Start by looking at your sales process – from awareness, to [...]

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Jim Antonopoulos 12.11.2013

Dedication. Loyalty. Friendship.

Beer advertising mostly aims to connect with men, and from what I’ve seen it does so by exploiting everything that mainstream media thinks is ‘masculine’ –humour, silliness, bloke-y-ness and macho-ism. I admit, beer advertising isn’t really on my radar – I don’t drink the stuff – and thus, most beer advertising flies right over my head. Although, the ones I do see a quite generic and clichéd depictions of men and masculinity.


Richard Foster 27.08.2013

Spells trouble

Sometimes your spell check just doesn’t do the trick.

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Richard Foster 8.04.2013

Mark my words

Recently, I had the privilege of running a round table discussion for around one of the bastions and champions of words – the library and its contribution to the identity of a place. It raised a number of fascinating questions around the future of these pillars of society. How will they remain relevant? Will they still exist and it what form? And will books be a thing etched into history?

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